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ITC and ACRAM launch training program in Togo to boost coffee exports

In a collaborative effort between the International Trade Centre (ITC), the African and Malagasy Robusta Coffee Agency (ACRAM), and Togo’s Coffee and Cocoa Filiere Coordination Committee (CCFCC), over twenty coffee exporters in Lomé are undergoing training on export techniques and standards facilitated by the ITC. The program aims to enhance the capabilities of small and medium enterprises in exporting coffee to Europe.

The initiative, part of the ACP Business Friendly program funded by the European Union (EU), spans the week, offering insights into quality management, cost calculation, and FOB pricing for potential profitability in coffee exports.

Enselme Gouthon, President of ACRAM, highlighted that the training empowers participants to understand quality and management needs, calculate production costs, and navigate the European coffee buyers’ landscape. The sessions also include an analysis of the coffee export organization to Europe.

Sadiq Syed, ITC Representative, emphasized the significance of adhering to European quality and safety standards for the success of African coffee in the international market. He stated that understanding and respecting these standards contribute to consumer satisfaction, reinforcing the global reputation of African coffee.

In addition to improving the quality of coffee, Mr Syed noted that the training promotes environmentally friendly agricultural practices, encouraging a continuous enhancement of coffee quality.

Parallel to the exporter training, CCFCC is conducting a workshop from December 5 to 7 for young baristas on kiosk and coffee bar management. This initiative aims to promote youth employment in the coffee sector and boost local consumption.

Minister Rose Kayi Mivedor of Trade and Local Consumption commended these initiatives, aligning them with President Faure Gnassingbé’s vision to stimulate job creation by leveraging economic strengths. She announced the upcoming opening of a barista training center in Lomé, offering new entrepreneurship opportunities for Togolese youth and women in the coffee industry.

As a gesture of support, each participant in the Lomé workshop received a coffee machine to enhance their work. The week will conclude with the ACRAM general assembly in Togo, further solidifying the country’s role in the African coffee industry.

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