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Training of Young Baristas in Lomé

From December 5 to 7, the Togolese capital hosted barista training organized by the International Trade Center, ACRAM, and CCFCC.  This initiative, dedicated to strengthening the skills of young entrepreneurs in the coffee sector, aroused keen interest among participants.

 For ASSIGBE Afi Atsupi, training participant: “This opportunity goes well beyond the acquisition of technical skills. It creates a space where we, young entrepreneurs, can exchange ideas and build essential links for the future of our sector.”

 Training young baristas offers several benefits for entrepreneurs in the coffee sector in the region.  First of all, it helps improve the professional skills of participants, thus strengthening the quality of service in the coffee industry in Togo.

 The training also provides a platform to share best practices, driving innovation and sustainable growth in the industry.

In addition, the support of the International Trade Center, ACRAM and CCFCC lends credibility to this training, building the confidence of young entrepreneurs in the coffee sector and encouraging them to invest more in their businesses.

Yoko Isaac, shares his point of view: “The international recognition of this training thanks to the collaboration of the International Trade Center gives us credibility in the market. It is a real boost for our confidence as entrepreneurs in the Coffee industry.”

Beyond technical skills, these testimonies highlight the importance of training as a network catalyst and a guarantee of credibility for young entrepreneurs in the coffee sector in Togo.  This event is thus shaping up to be a crucial step for the sustainable development of this thriving industry in the region.

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