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Monitoring of the ACP Business Friendly project in the DRC

The Robusta Coffee Agency of Africa and Madagascar (ACRAM) and the International Trade Center (ITC) continue to work together to bring the ACP Business Friendly project to fruition in the Bas Congo region of the DRC, more precisely in Lukula.

As part of this project, training had previously been provided to establish nurseries near the fields and work kits had also been provided to producers in the area who cultivate ‘Petit Kwilu’.

“Petit Kwilu” is a premium Robusta coffee suitable for preparing Espressos or strong flavor blends. Its cramped terroir gives it a coffee of special quality.

The International Trade Centre, the project executing agency, ensures local monitoring and promotes the inclusion of local authorities in the process of selection and distribution of agricultural kits. The goal is to generate more stable and sustainable income for producers and cooperatives.

Ms. Regine Tika, National Coordinator of the project, recently led a mission whose major activities focused on:

  • Distribution of seedlings for final establishment in the plantations of the 650 beneficiaries of the project.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the second phase of the germination boxes and filling of the soil.
  • Distribution of remaining agricultural equipment to beneficiary villages.

This initiative aims to strengthen local agriculture, promote economic development and create sustainable wealth opportunities for communities. ACRAM, ONAPAC and ITC are working together to ensure the success of this major project.

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