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Coffee-Cocoa: Plants to producers thanks to the CCFCC

The NGO Avenir De l’Environnement (ADE) benefits from the technical and financial support of the Coordinating Committee for the Coffee and Cocoa Sectors (CCFCC). Thanks to this support, the organization handed over cocoa and agroforestry plants last Friday to the Federation of Unions of Cooperative Societies of Coffee and Cocoa Producers (FUPROCAT). Producers in the prefectures of Kloto, Agou, Kpélé, Danyi, Amou, Wawa, Akébou and Blitta (Adélé) are the beneficiaries..

Forty thousand cocoa plants and ten thousand agroforestry plants produced by the NGO Avenir De l’Environnement (ADE) were awarded as part of the implementation of the 4th edition of the project “Support to producers in plant material”».

The action was made possible thanks to the technical and financial support of the Coordinating Committee for the Coffee and Cocoa Sectors (CCFCC). This strengthens the existing partnership between the NGO ADE and FUPROCAT.

Thus, producers will benefit from cocoa and agroforestry plants, in order to expand their plantations and increase their resilience to climate change through the practice of agroforestry.

The approach of the NGO ADE is welcomed by the Executive Director of FUPROCAT, Koffigan Kpévon.

According to Mr. Kpévon, the needs expressed as of March 31 are 52200 cocoa plants and 5330 agroforestry plants distributed among the different unions of the coffee and cocoa zone. Demand exceeds supply. On the occasion, he reassured the planters that arrangements will be made to meet their needs by the logistical means at their disposal.

For his part, the executive director of the NGO ADE, Yawo Prince Tefé deplored the decline in areas before encouraging the actors to do everything possible to reach in the coming years 40,000 hectares.

« All the actors in the sector must play their part by supporting the government, which has initiated since 2013 the revival of this sector through the Support Program for the Agricultural Sector (PASA).  This should make it possible to restore the sector to its former place with the 40,000 hectares of production and even to go beyond,” said Mr. Tefé.

On the occasion, the administrative secretary of the CCFCC explained that the mission of his structure is to supervise the marketing of cocoa coffee and to coordinate all activities related to these two sectors. Koami N’Key Amona assured that the CCFCC makes every effort to increase productivity and especially to have quality products.

The CCFCC’s support to the NGO ADE in recent years has led to a substantial increase in the number of seedlings of 60%.

Source: https://togobreakingnews.info/index.php/economie/item/6088-cafe-cacao-des-plants-aux-producteurs-grace-au-ccfcc

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